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There’s more behind the door

Our forum is packed full of vital information which will aid you to safely build and prepare your vehicle for overland travel. A vast majority of our members have travelled to some fantastic locations throughout the world and gained a whole heap of knowledge on the way. Its very easy to loose your way in this hobby buying equipment that looks flashy but will never really assist you or be practical on an overland trip, in fact it can have a totally opposite effect by adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

An overloaded or incorrectly balanced vehicle can be a total death trap.

Within the forum you can share your ideas about your build plans with the community a second or third set of eyes could highlight something you may have overlooked. You can guarantee our members will have bought it, tried it, changed it or discarded it. This will save you money in the long run and avoid you buying equipment or accessories that are really not needed other than for aesthetics alone.

Obtain help on:-

Sourcing & buying your vehicle

Things to look out for and check over first

Planing your build

Upgrading the vehicle to carry Extra weight

Tyre & wheel choices

Tents & awnings

Safe loading and packing of the vehicle

Planning your destination

Advice on border control, ferries, documentation and how to stay safe

plus much much more

See you on the inside